Introduction to Application: FileZilla – client is an open source cross-platform FTP, SFTP and FTPS file management tools that helps to transfer files with ease. Download link: Please follow the below steps in order to establish the connection with server and start using FileZilla – Client. Step 1. Open/Run Filezilla application on your local machine. Click “File” on the top left menu in the application and select “Import” within the dropdown menu.   Step 2. Pop-up window will open upon the click to select the .XML file. Please navigate to .XML file that has been provided to you. Select the file and click “Open”.   Step 3. Please keep the settings default as shown in the picture below and continue by clicking “OK”.   Step 4. Once the import is complete, click on the Drop arrow as shown in the figure to establish the connection with server.   Step 5. Choose the file name you imported in previous step from the list items displayed.   Step 6. You will be able to see “Directory listing of “/” successful” as shown in the below picture. On the left, you will be able to navigate within the local machine and on right you’ll be able to access the files on live server.   Step 7. You can download the files from live server to local machine by right clicking on files/folder and use Download option from Dropdown menu.   Step 8. Similarly, files and folder can be uploaded from local machine to live server by right clicking on them and choosing upload from...

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Create Your Good Image

Posted By on Oct 13, 2015

Hello everybody…this is Darshan Shastri working as a Manager since last 3+ years with Image Editing Services – IES I will say something on creating a good image… What things represent your existence…? Your Work…. Your Sound… Your Activities… Your Shadow…. Your Belongings…. Your Breathing… Your Heart Beats… And there could be many more….. In what way you’ll prove your existence to the world…. I may or may not know you but I can say if you’re reading this you can feel my existence but how you’ll prove your existence to me? Unless you don’t contact me how would I even know if you exist? How would anyone know your business? How would anyone know what products or services you sell? How would anyone know if you exist? Practically you cannot reach everyone in quick time…hence create your own online image and let the world come to you…let the world decide to search you via google, bing etc…To be well recognized in the market, you’ve to create your good image. Your online image or presence could be Your…… Blog Profile Picture Gallery Product Gallery Ecommerce Store Website Picture Collection Fashion Stock Personal Pictures Real Estate Pictures Website Graphics Photography Family Photos Art Gallery Outing Photos Book Photos Catalogue Education Trip Pictures Photo Album Wedding Album Medical/Science Experiment Images New Style Outfits and Clothing Photos Drawings and Paintings Old Picture Memories Social Account Photo Gallery Equipments etc… The idea is to portray yourself in the best possible way you can to stand above the competition. It’s simple…You can sell best, the best way you show it…We can help you improve your online image in all aspects…whether it is Pictures Editing, Photo Clipping Path, Photo Cutout, Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Photo Manipulation, Image Designing, Photo Restoration, Graphics designing, website designing, Photo Cleaning, website development, Pop art, Raster Image to Vector, Image Crafting, Photo Drawing…we can help you with all… Have your good image created through our image editing, graphics and designing services….Contact us...

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