Furniture Photo Editing Services

Enhance furniture and fixture pictures with our furniture photo editing services to drive more traffic on your ecommerce website.

Virtual furniture shops have huger scopes than the actual shops stacked with furniture to display. If your images are failing to persuade prospects, not even minutest chances are there for your success online. Furniture is among those products of which appeal matters a lot; it determines the decision making inclinations of customers. So, images must be edited to enhance their quality. Fortune Technolabs is a reputed and proven company when it comes to furniture photo retouching services.

We offer a vast array of editing services for furniture images to make them appear attractive, bright and clearer. Our services are sure to boost your sales in a significant manner.  Our team is creative and confident enough to edit in such a way that the potential customers flock in to your store and snatch every deal you place. Our experts know that doing editing beyond certain extent makes the image appear unrealistic and hence we never let that happen.

As a part of our Furniture Image Retouching Services, we offer

  • Adding or removing the background
  • Making three dimensional look
  • Removing or adjusting the shadows
  • Enhancing / Changing the colors of Furniture
  • Adding contrast flavors to the furniture photos
  • Creating vintage or classic finishing
  • Removing unwanted objects / Adding new objects
  • Adjusting the contrast and brightness
  • Resizing or scaling the images
  • Putting in special photo effects
  • Adding contrast flavours to the furniture photos
  • Adjusting the environment
  • Adjusting the brightness and lights
  • Providing high definition resolutions
  • Replacing the background with simple white one
  • Inserting the dropping shadows
  • Adjusting some minor color tweaks for keeping the colors consistent
  • Removing the furniture reflections
  • Resizing all the photos to the same size
  • We can create 80% dark shadows with all same shade
  • Editing pictures and giving them a real look
  • Colour tweaks and uniformity manipulations
  • Photo resizing to assure consistent size
  • Background addition and removal
  • 3D appearance creation as a part of product image editing services
  • Special image effects addition
  • Shadows lightening or removal
  • Contrast flavours addition to images
  • Lights and brightness adjustments
  • Environment alterations and enhancements
  • Pencil sketches additions if demanded
  • HD resolution provision

Businesses we serve

  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Furniture Retail outlets
  • Furniture catalog designers
  • Furniture magazine publishers
  • Online/ ecommerce furniture stores
  • Product photographers
  • Advertising agencies and more


If you need any type of furniture images editing support, we can surely assure best photo retouching services. We are even ready to provide free sample works so as to help you analyse our quality and working processes. Photo editing services reviews from different reliable sources also testify our excellence. Leverage it for your success. Contact us to know more about Furniture Photo Editing Services or mail us at