Lightroom Services

Lightroom is a powerful image editing tool widely used today by photo editors and well-known photographers. This tool is preferred over other tools mainly due to its simplicity and ease-of-use. Adobe Photoshop ruled this domain for a long time, but the complexity and the huge number of features in it makes users to opt for Lightroom instead, especially when all they require is a robust set of photo editing features.

Photoshop has certain features which are never used by photographers, as a result the interface of the Photoshop software appears too cluttered and difficult to use. Fortune Technolabs uses the Lightroom photo editing tool to provide high-quality image editing services to clients around the world at cost-effective rates.

Fortune Technolab’s Lightroom Services

We have worked with clients around the globe and assisted them with all their Lightroom editing needs, however complex. We have access to some of the best paid plugins for Lightroom, and our professionals have years of hands-on experience with the software in order to ensure all your requirements are met properly and on time. Our Lightroom services include –

  • Color Change Services – Sometimes a photograph may appear dull and colorless and not come out as expected. We can work with such photos to add sufficient color to the image and make it look more bright and vibrant.
  • Noise Removal Services – Some images may encounter certain blurring or may turn out to be grainy especially in low light conditions. This may happen due to lens imperfections or bad lighting. Our team holds the expertise to work with such images and reduce the grains appropriately.
  • Image Enhancement – We work with raw photos and help in giving them a professional look. Lightroom has relevant features to tweak around with the photograph and provide a professional look to the image.
  • Skin Retouching Services – We can work with portrait pictures which need certain skin retouching features to add the desired vibrancy. Some images may not appear as expected and the skin may need to be retouched in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Sky Change Services – Certain real estate photos may look dull and boring without a vibrant looking sky background. We can provide quality sky change services and make the real estate image look more vibrant and professional.
  • Split Toning Services – Through Lightroom’s split toning option, we can add the required colors to all the highlights and shadows of an image and provide an emotional touch to the image by not allowing it to look too artificial.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

With the latest update of Lightroom by Adobe, the photo editing tool has conquered greater heights and enhanced ease-of-use of the daily user. The numbers of features embedded in this powerful tool are numerous, thereby leading to its legendary status amongst photo editors and photographers. Some of the key new features of Adobe Lightroom include –

  • Photo Merging

    Using the photo merging feature of Lightroom, we can merge a series of individual photos to form one large image. Lightroom achieves this feat by accessing the computer’s processor and provides an output in the RAW format.

  • Face Detection

    The new feature of face detection in Lightroom helps to automatically sort photos of people you might be clicking on a regular basis. Lightroom automatically selects faces that it locates in the current folder of photos, thereby allowing for easy categorization.

  • Access to Processor

    With simple check-box activation, Lightroom can now have access to both your computers processors. Old versions would utilize the man processor but often neglect the graphics processor. With access to both the processors, image editing is now a much faster process as compared to earlier.

  • Brush Option

    With this new feature of Lightroom we can now remove or add areas of masking to the Gradient and Radial filter tools. We are now able to turn on the visibility of the masks while applying the brush and see where exactly you are applying the adjustments.

  • Lightroom Mobile App

    Adobe now provides a Lightroom mobile app which can be used to edit images on the go, wherever you might be. The streamlined connection process allows you to sync your pictures and work on them from any location.