Used Car Image Editing

It is very important for any business in the industry to showcase their products and services in the best possible light in order to attract customers. Similarly the car and automobile industry use car image clipping services to give the car images an appealing and professional look which can then be used for marketing and various promotional activities.

Fortune’s  provides top quality car photo clipping services to some of the world’s top car manufacturers and dealers as well as magazine publishers. Car image clipping requires certain skills and expertise to make the images look realistic and appealing to the eye. Our team of experienced photo editors is trained to work on the latest image clipping tools and technologies, and have worked hand-in-hand with automobile dealers and magazine publishers to perfect the art of car image clipping. Avail Used Car photo Editing Services from Experience Team of Photo Editing. We had very good experience in Used Car photo Editing Services.

Fortune’s Car Image Clipping Services

Fortune’s team of photo editors excels at providing top quality car image clipping services at cost-effective prices. Some of the key car photo clipping services we offer include –

  • Car Image Clipping

    Our team of photo editors has the skills and expertise to accurately clip car images and remove any unwanted objects along with distracting backgrounds. In addition we also add shadow effects which give the images a professional and polished look.

  • Add Color to Images

    Sometimes a car dealer may not have the required color of a particular model of car. Our team of photo editors can help in changing the color of the existing car to the one desired by the client before deciding to buy the car, while ensuring the new color exactly matches the production model.

  • Image Stitching

    We provide the best image stitching services for car images and help in adding a 3D feel to the images. The customers can see the car images in a unique 360 degree view. We can stitch together several images for an in-depth customer experience, while adding roll over and click-to-zoom functions for a comprehensive 360 degree car view.

  • Car Image Retouching

    We provide top quality car photo retouching services at very cost-effective rates. The various retouching services we provide include clearing of scratches, creating missing car parts, adding text, removing stickers, etc.

Along with the above services, we also offer

  • White balance correction for car images
  • Background illumination and replacement
  • Exposure compensation
  • Sky alteration