Real Estate Image Blending Services

Photographers often capture many images of the same property after changing the exposure values. They will seek the services of image blending professionals to mix these images captured at different exposure values to get a better and eye-catching image. Real estate image blending techniques like mask blending and high dynamic range (HDR) image blending has become much popular over the years. When compared to standard images, HDR images are capable of capturing greater dynamic range.

We have years of experience in offering image blending services to our clients. Our trained and experienced image editors can blend two or more images at varying exposure values into a single image. At Image Editing Services, we understand that images play an important role in selling realties.

Image Blending Services We Offer

Outsource your real estate images and transform them into work of art. We use both manual and automated tools to blend images; we have set for ourselves a reputation in providing the best results in the least time. The image blending services that we offer include:

Color Exposure Correction

Getting the correct colors is one of the important and most challenging aspects of real estate image blending. The blending services that we offer ensure that the color is properly balanced in the image and that the neutral colors are blended properly to improve the richness of the image.

Image Bracketing

Image bracketing refers to making the image of proper exposure from various images of the same property or scene captured at varying exposure, flash, or white balance values. The different images are overlapped to get an image that has the perfect exposure and white balance values.

Perspective Correction

Perspective correction in real estate photography refers to correcting the vertical edges, columns, walls, lamp posts or other structures in the image that an appear slanting due to lens distortion. We can also help correct other lens distortions like vignetting, chromatic aberration, and geometric distortion to make your real estate image images beautiful and attractive.