High End Corrections

Easy and deep retouching can be distinguished. Basic Level of editing is the post-production process which makes a photo look professionally retouched, it includes:

• Color and Tone correction.

• Brightness, contrast and saturation changing.

• Little blemishes removal.

• Vignetting and toning (according to instructions).

High-End level of retouching is wider in the photos’ retouching. Thanks to it the photo takes a more expensive and expressive form as if from the cover of a popular magazine. The name of this retouching speaks for itself: a retoucher pays attention to the details in the photo, it’s not only about the basic color correction, that’s why the editing is more difficult and is hard to do. The qualitative detailed editing is rather a laborious and time consuming work, a single picture editing can take several hours. In the Hi-End Level editing you will find:

• Everything the Basic Level consists of.

• Teeth whitening.

• Eloquent eyes and hair editing.

• Hair retouching (stray hair removal, making a great hair shape)

• Undesirable elements deletion.

• Sharpening.

• Following a professional photographer style.

• The photomontage (background replacement and extending, clothes/hair/eyes color changing)