Hair Masking

Photo masking is the process of removing minute grooves, tiny objects, and unnecessary background in an image by using high-end photo masking and photo enhancement techniques. Hair masking is a complex approach that involves taking out detail-rich objects from the problematic background of an image.

Our flawless hair masking images are especially useful when it comes to photos of models and fashion-related, where it is essential to extract masking objects such as hair, fur, or wool. Using a pen tool for image clipping makes the process very difficult, that’s why we use tools such as Adobe Photoshop to generate layer masking when it comes to free or flying hair in the background of an image.

Our image editing team is specialized in hair masking images and has years of experience working with big brands across the globe. Our professionals are meticulous in their approach and make sure they retain all important aspects of the image during the image hair masking process. We ensure to provide you with photographs that satisfy all your photography needs.
Our working process has a well-planned structure that allows our valued clients to get a pleasing experience. Every single picture is being masked in the most appropriate way to represent what the client wants to show to their viewers. Our editing process for the subject’s adjustment or object knockouts is to properly maintain the purpose behind using masking pictures.

We’ve catered to the image editing needs of various image editing agencies, photographers, portrait studios, art galleries, web designers, catalog publishers, online stores, real estate agencies, and much more!

Services We Offer

With our high-end image clipping services, we strive to provide beautiful and attractive hair masking images. Bringing perfection and a realistic look is the main motive of our masking services.

Different types of image masking services we offer include –

  • Layer Masking
  • Channel Masking
  • Vector Masking
  • Gradient Masking
  • Pixel Masking
  • Quick Mask
  • Background Masking
  • Masking Shadows and Reflections
  • Simple to Complex Image Masking
  • Clipping Mask

The image masking techniques we use include –

Alpha Channel Masking – This technique of image masking is most often used for transparent and translucent images that are difficult to mask by creating layers over them.

Complex Layer Masking – This technique is used to mask fine objects in the background of an image – including smoke, feathers, or hair.

Transparent Masking for Glass Images – Transparent objects such as glass that needs to be removed in an image requires this technique of image masking.

Photoshop Collage Masking – This technique is used to erase the background of an image, leaving the main subject in the image as it is.

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