Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Good jewelry photos depict the design of the piece. However, the best photos show the sparkle of each gem.When it comes to high-end Jewelry pieces photos, image editing, and retouching play an essential role in showcasing the best aspects, in the most attractive way.

Captivating your customer’s attention by the use of images that reflect the intricate and clean lines indicates the expertise of the hands that made the precious pieces. If your jewelry shines and glitters in the photographs, then they will most likely do so in real life — and that’s what your customers want.

Hence, it is extremely important that the details of each and every part of the jewelry are properly displayed to the viewer. Otherwise, the viewer will lose interest and hop to some other website to shop.
Jewelry photo retouching services demand acute attention to details. Its aim is to raise the image quality, i.e., to make the photographed item more alluring by using the light and color correction, making stones brighter, removing spots, or scratches.

We have a team of experts who are specialized in Jewelry photo editing and retouching services. All these jewelry photo retouching services are widely asked for mainly commercial purposes. Our jewelry editing guarantees really eye-catching outcomes that attract people due to the brightness, deep colors, and absence of photo drawbacks.

Our jewelry photo editing and retouching services includes :

  • Background removal.
  • Color correction is a must-have thing in the jewelry editing process.
  • Manual replacement of stones in the jewelry piece.
  • All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and without an “over retouched” effect.
  • Removing zits, unnecessary spots from the items.
  • Adjusting contrast and improving shadows.
  • Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.
  • Deleting defects in order to make the best and most sold items catalogue.
  • Altering of backgrounds and poor contrast.
  • In jewelry editing, pay a close eye to the keystone and pick-ups.
  • Creating shadows and sparkle to give it a stunning look.
  • Change in color of jewelry. For instance, yellow gold to white gold.
  • Improving details, glow, and luster of precious ornaments.
  • Settling color combinations and remove dullness to make the jewelry flawless.
  • Working upon the clarity of pictures.
  • Bringing out the best image from low-resolution images.
  • Image resizing and scaling so that it can be fit in different size options like zoom in and thumbnails without pixilation.
  • Removing unwanted elements

Our Jewelry Photo Editing Services offers to:

  • Jewelry brochure publishers
  • Professional Jewelry photographers,
  • Jewelry magazines
  • Individuals and large organizations that are into Jewelry selling over online stores
  • Brick-and-mortar shops.


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