Wedding Services

Pictures are not just still images rather they define moments, emotions, sentiments and memories one has experienced and cherished with their loved ones in past. In other words, Photographs are senses that you lived in past. We bind our golden experiences and memories in the form of photographs. Every time you see a picture you relate or recollect it to the real past moments or experiences and it certainly takes you back into those moments and makes you live those moments again for an instance. In short, pictures possess hidden emotions and feelings one can feel and imagine but can’t express.

Photography is an art and it is a photographer who brings these emotions and sentiments together at the right time and right place. Taking that particular calculative shot which may never come again, with an expert control on light, dimension and other parameters can only be possible through a professional photography. Photographs taken with all such intrinsic level of calculations and measures are not just a piece of paper instead they pour life in you, these photos will make your breathe come alive that you lived in past. Further these photographs need to undergo a second level of processing work as a next step and this is where we come or jump into the picture to give a second hand to clean and retouch pictures for making them look lively, presentable and lavish. We help and support photographers in post production process.

Photographers generally prefer us over an in-house assistant to avail cost benefits by outsourcing their post production work to India. For other reason, they prefer us for post production work so they can spend time with their family, focus on their business and pursue personal projects.

We serve and act as a friend and second hand to photographers to help them produce photos based on their client’s needs and that is why we are sometimes called as an assistant photographer. We have worked with wide range of photographers and to name few amidst that list are Landscape, Wildlife, Fashion, Aerial, Action/Sports, Pet, Real Estate, Event, Architecture, Astro, Concert, Portrait, Photo Journalist, Macro, Medical, Micro, School, Baby, Family, Personal, Satellite, Scientific, Food, Vehicle, Travel, Street, Underwater, Advertising, Stock, Equine, Paparazzi etc. but majority of our work we get through Wedding Photographers. Wedding Ceremonies – Photo Editing Work is our core expertise. We have immense experience in dealing with Wedding Image Editing Work.

Wedding Occasion is an event that any person would like to remember and keep memories of throughout their life. We understand person’s emotions that are attached to every single wedding photo. We process each photo with intense care respecting those emotions to produce photos to the person’s full satisfaction and contentment. We understand the confidentiality, security and safety of photos or information that client provides us with the trust and we strive to maintain that trust and confidentiality through a rigorous and secure internal processes and management system. We have agreements in place with our employees and team. We are ready to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) with our clients (you).

We guarantee that your wedding photos or any other stills will talk once our skillful hands will give them a refined, smooth and delicate touch. Yes photos can talk and we will show you how…So Get your free sample work today to examine our skills and expertise. We can handle images of any format or type whether it is RAW, CR2, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD etc. A dedicated free ftp account will be created upon commencement of actual work order.

Note: For obtaining effective and quality output, please provide photos in high resolution.